Big speech data analytics for contact centers - BISON

European Horizon 2020 project No. 645323


The BISON consortium has produced simulated contact center (CC) speech data in order to foster research, development and cooperation in the area of CC speech data mining. The description of the data (recording protocol, statistics, etc) and terms and conditions of use can be found here. This data is publicly available but we would like to know who and why downloads it in order to have an overview of data use for future projects. Therefore, let us ask you couple of simple questions (obligatory ones are marked with blue colour) referring to the use of data. After completing the questionnaire, let us verify the information and send you a download link within 2 work days.

Who are you?
What is your organization?
if no organization, state self-employed, free-lancer, etc.
e.g. student, researcher, R&D manager, ...
describe the activity of your organization more in detail (for example automotive, CC call quality assessment, etc.)
What do you need the data for?
Any other message to BISON consortium - not only on our data but also on our other activities - see this web page (max 2000 characters, in case of longer message, please use the contact form).